Unique Circle©Yachts

Design by Zaha Hadid Architects


The Unique Circle Yachts by Blohm+Voss, designed by Zaha Hadid comprise five individual
yachts with a length of 90m. Each yacht is a unique masterpiece featuring customized design
elements whilst belonging to one design family originating from Zaha's fluid design
language. Zaha introduces her genuine, formal sensibility into naval design -
transforming the vision of what a yacht can be.


The designs stand in line with a 30 year design research trajectory in studio Zaha Hadid Architects. This has culminated in the latest advances of digital design and manufacturing techniques within the paradigm of parametricism. A formal lineage spanning various architectural experiments lead to a distinct approach to this latest design project. Material systems used in the architecture of mobile pavilions are re-explored within the parameters of naval architecture. Design methodologies that have unveiled new forms of architectural order patterns are applied within the realm of a total yacht design concept.

A unique partnership

Zaha Hadid Architects united with Blohm+Voss to engender a new generation of superyachts

The net gradually varies in density and thickness and lends a natural aesthetic to the yacht’s external appearance – reminiscent of growth patterns in nature.

The 128m sculptural "mother ship" has been conceived as an interwoven network of dynamic meshes on the exterior.

Traditional yacht design has been altered towards a design of intense connectivity between the various decks which results in a novel outlook on future yacht design. The concept explores a fluid aesthetic that redefines the image of a yacht.

"The mother ship" - a 128m yacht concept

The point of departure for developing a unique circle of five exclusive 90m yacht designs

"The idea of the Unique Circle Yachts allows for variation of a genotype and its phenotypes, offering a range of possible solutions based on a cognate platform. As a result Zaha Hadid’s design is malleable to suit the individual wishes and needs of a potential customer which lies at the heart of our approach to yacht design. The strength of the design lies not just in its functionality and form, but also its effortless adaptability."
Dr. Herbert Aly, CEO + Managing Partner Blohm+Voss

Each design will vary in the density or intensity of lattices, space on deck, the possible inclusion of a sundeck on the bow or the loggia and balcony forming the exterior pool as well as a bow with unique expression according to the conceptual design.

The unique circle

Unique masterpieces awaiting the individual requests of their designated owners

The 90m yacht JAZZ is the first out of the five Unique Circle Yachts that is technically specified in detail. The design is an individual masterpiece genetically linked to its 128m conceptual mother and can be crafted to individual demands.

Bowing and arching elements are modulated and varied from the conceptual design into a truly feasible tour de force in yacht building governed by Zaha Hadid’s signature style.

The 90m JAZZ offers an unseen continuity between the inside and outside areas – opening up layered views of panoramic quality.

A high degree of transparency and lightness has been achieved via the layering of lattice-like shell elements. Large tensile shading devices can be automatically altered in order to create varying degrees of enclosure.

Technical Data

Year of concept 2013

Length o.a. 90.0 m (295 ft)

Exterior Designer Zaha Hadid Architects

Interieur Design Zaha Hadid Architects

Naval Architect Blohm+Voss

The first of five - the 90m jazz

Pushing the boundaries of yacht design


Witness the stunning exuberance of Unique Circle Yachts